New arrival European beans
13 August, 13:45
NEW lots for filter coffee from European roasters
You can buy it or try it in the coffee house in a pour over.
Featuring in August, say hello to UK’s Kiss The Hippo, London’s Assembly, Lithuania’s CROOKED NOSE & COFFEE STORIES.

Kiss The Hippo is a speciality coffee brand devoted to creating the ultimate coffee experience, based in London. Accomplishing this through a considered approach to coffee making that places a strong appreciation for quality and sustainability at the forefront, Kiss The Hippo are also London's first carbon negative roasters.

With the aim of offering the most refined freshly roasted coffees, served in beautiful spaces as part of a thoroughly memorable service experience, Kiss The Hippo are absolutely worth the recommendation.

An award winning coffee roastery based in Brixton, London, Assembly roast some of the world’s highest quality coffees using precise roasting methods and offer them in some of the world's most-acclaimed independent cafes and restaurants. Known for their coffee illustrations as much as their limited edition coffees, their collaborative setup allows them the ability to create innovative solutions to industry challenges

A roastery dedicated to slow coffee culture ever since 2011, CROOKED NOSE & COFFEE STORIES freshly roast different selected beans from the world in small quantities and are the inventors of the Lithuanian coffee tool CMO and other original coffee products; they also pay great attention to coffee culture and education by organising regular coffee tastings and other inspiring coffee events in Lithuania and beyond.

The founder of CROOKED NOSE & COFFEE STORIES, Emanuelis Ryklys, is the author of one of Europe's best known educational books dedicated to coffee, TEBŪNIE KAVA. Passionate about inspiration and discovery, the book echoes everything this roastery has become known for: creativity and playfulness, education and quality

Roasting for the world's best cafes as well as your kitchen, your international coffee tour continues in August