Day of Milan
07 July, 16:52
Hi! I'm Anna.
I'm the barista chef at ERTI KAVA, the first chain of specialty coffee shops in Georgia.
Recently my team and I returned from Milan, where the world's main coffee industry exhibition, WORLD OF COFFEE, was held.

I tasted a lot of interesting beans from the best farmers and producers and brought them to Georgia for our guests.

Friends, on Friday I will be at the bar at our coffee house in Vake (81 Abashidze St.) making espresso-based drinks with beans from the best Milanese brewers. You can also try it with us
V 60, Aeropress or Turkish coffee with beans from Ethiopia, Brazil, Rwanda, roasted in Ireland, Oslo, Rome, Paris

Besides, we always have beans for espresso and filtered coffee for home brewing from the best professionals in Europe.

After a trip to Milan, our team was inspired and decided to add Aperol to the menu!

I am waiting for everyone on Friday from 8:00 to 21:00!